Mysterious “btst” DIV hack on this site…FOUND

This is fun, right? For a long time, I’ve had a hidden (actually just aligned 4000+ pixels off to the left) DIV at the top of every page of this site that included links to websites I have no interest … Continue reading

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Single custom posts CAN highlight nav (and sub-nav) links, really

Okay, so WordPress’ custom post types are pretty cool. They allow me to eliminate custom fields, a feature that is very useful but all too often confusing to the WP un-washed. Custom posts, combined with custom taxonomies and custom menus, … Continue reading

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A WordPress admin stylesheet within your theme

Dig, if you will, this picture: You’ve created a nice custom post type for your WordPress site and you’re using custom meta-boxes to adjust the post admin page for that post type. No custom fields for you, no sir; the … Continue reading

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