The end is nigh (for my 1st gen MacBook)

It’s the laptop that I just can’t bring myself to hate. It’s the last of my 32 bit machines, or at least the last of them that I still use. I assume my old iMac G4 is a 32 bit … Continue reading

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Bluetooth, FreeBSD 9.1, MacBook

In another post, I described how I got FreeBSD 9.1 running on my EOL’d 1st generation MacBook. It was quite a mouthful so I decided to put bluetooth setup instructions in their own post.

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FreeBSD 9.1 by itself on a 1st gen MacBook

Apple thinks this laptop is obsolete. I think Apple gave up on it too soon. If you’re like me and you felt “stuck” with an orphaned 1st generation MacBook, it’s time to get unstuck. If you can give up on … Continue reading

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