My first Linux HOW-TO

I’ve been using Linux on and off for a long time. Best I can recall, my first Linux experience was with kernel 0.11 (do WHAT??) back in 1991. The Linux landscape was very different back then, in particular the breadth … Continue reading

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The end is nigh (for my 1st gen MacBook)

It’s the laptop that I just can’t bring myself to hate. It’s the last of my 32 bit machines, or at least the last of them that I still use. I assume my old iMac G4 is a 32 bit … Continue reading

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Mysterious “btst” DIV hack on this site…FOUND

This is fun, right? For a long time, I’ve had a hidden (actually just aligned 4000+ pixels off to the left) DIV at the top of every page of this site that included links to websites I have no interest … Continue reading

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Building YouCompleteMe on Vim 7.4 in Ubuntu Trusty (32 bit)

Oh, how I love documentation for open source software. In some cases it’ll get you close, or at least close enough to take things the remaining 2% of the way to completion. However, far too often it barely gets you … Continue reading

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Observations: Getting started with TI Launchpad (MSP430)

This will be more of a collector of observations and notes than anything actually useful or productive. I want to document these things so I’ll remember them. They may even be useful outside of my office. Who knows? Regardless, here … Continue reading

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About getting started with AVR programming

Like one post by a guy like me could possibly encompass everything you’d need to know. Pshaw.

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Nokia 1260 (or 3360) display and Arduino/AVR? Maybe. Not yet.

I’m going to make a confession. My favorite mobile phone of all time is the Nokia 1260. Nope, not an iPhone, not an Android phone, not even a smartphone. Sorry folks, but the telephone hardware in smartphones sucks all the … Continue reading

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Kenwood RC-405 remote control meets an Arduino Uno

Show of hands: how many of you think remote controls for car stereos are ridiculous? … Okay, maybe I’m the only one. Regardless, I have one and there’s no way in hell I’m ever going to use it in or … Continue reading

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Dying in a college math class? You need a better textbook.

So at this point, anyone that reads this blog knows I’m taking computer science classes at a local university. One of my ongoing beefs with * science majors is the (IMO) ridiculous amount of math classes that everyone has to … Continue reading

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The Affordable Care Act. Yeah, that.

Okay, I’m going to get political here for a minute. Don’t want to read it? Don’t worry, just skip it.

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